Document write API:

SVG parser improvements:

Non-AA rendering improvements:

Improve new Java viewers. Add features, but keep them very simple to serve as examples! Expose links and outline structures to JNI and JS. Android drop-in component.

Thin pdf_page struct in pdf interpreter; base everything off lazy pdf_obj accesses.

Generic reusable text shaping functions, for use with SVG, annotation creation, and GUIs. Usable with JS and JNI too, to create fz_text objects to draw.


Use open/write/close/relink for safe output without clobbering on failure. Do it automatically in fz_output.

Transfer functions.

Color management with lcms2.

PDF operator processing should be exposed as an API. To C, JNI and JS.

Link and action rework:

Form filling and interactive widget API rework:

Annotation API rework:

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